Game Designer (f/m/d) for Stray Blade

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Stray Blade

Employment: full-time

Start: as soon as possible

Salary: competitive

Point Blank Games is an independent game development studio based in Berlin. We develop third-person action games for PC and consoles, and we’re currently hiring multiple positions for our project, "Stray Blade".

Company Culture - being part of the PBG family.

Investing in good company culture pays off in the long run. We hire people who embrace constant change, personal growth and are always ready to support each other. Everybody in the team has strong ownership over their responsibilities and works with a high degree of freedom and creativity. The happiness of our team members is our highest priority. Statistics have proven that crunch not only ruins the health of employees but also destroys projects. On the other hand, a positive, well organized and supportive work environment ensures happy teams, which leads to better games. With that in mind, we go out of our way to ensure that our work days are filled with fun, laughter and a strong sense of personal accomplishment for everyone.

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